August 15, 2016

R&B Playback|PlayThat: Mya - Movin' On

The rhythm and blues genre is usually for the grow folk who can delve into love and explore the workings of the concept of being in that type of relationship. When you're a child and only have those songs to listen to, well you're going to listen and more than likely sing along with words you're not supposed to say and topics you shouldn't know about.  I am a kid of the nineties, and when a song's music video came on, I use to envision myself in the video. So while in elementary school, I was imagining being in high school and/or being a full on twenty - something.

Introducing the light skinned beauty with  the curly wave of hair. Mya hit the music scene in 1997/98 and instantly came through with songs about young love. Her second single, Movin' On featured Silkk The Shocker. It pretty much discussed a girl who suspected and confirmed her boyfriend of spending his time with another girl. The setting of the music video was high school and they played out the typical high school cheer leader/jock relationship. Oh, and you gotta have the guy who will treat you better. It was cute. My favorite highlight of the video was Mya's moonwalk.

Go on and listen, watch, and play it back!


August 11, 2016

Standard Business Courtesy: Keep Your Sorry

Since the start of my after college job search, I have been directed to apply for jobs online. That in itself is frustrating. It's such a detached process with little to no communication, which makes it even more tedious. "NO CALLS PLEASE". We get encouraged to pound the pavement with no guarantee of a thumbs up. After a while it becomes  diss- like and you start to question the what and why. It ain't over 'til it's over.

Then there are those daunting, hold your breath waiting period moments when you find out if you were accepted or rejected. If it's not a phone call or letter in the mail, it an email. Most times that email is automated with no return address. The body reads, in the most kindly yet typical way: "Thank you for taking time to apply to our company. We are sorry to inform you that we have decided to move on with other applicants that better fit the description of this position. We'll keep your resume on file. Good luck on your job search". So routinely sent by numerous companies that it is literally "same script, different cast". As heartbreaking job hunting can be, and knowing that "Possibly" can turn into "No",  I always wonder why business says "Sorry". Because truth be told, you aren't sorry and have no reason to be.

When hiring managers are given the task of finding new employees, they have to use their best judgement in choosing the right person for the job. Because the job market stays on fire, there are always plenty of people that step up to audition.  Trying to match skill + credential + personality to be sure a new hire truly fits the role can be overwhelming, but it is something that has to be done. I need to be an insider on THAT hiring process.

With application after application I sometimes forget where I have applied, especially when I get that email.  So when i do receive"new mail" I get the feeling of "ehh okay".  After so many years I'm use to it. I do get into the moods where I feel super unaccomplished though.  Every "no" I get leaves me with the question of why even try when the effort isn't visible from the other side. I have experienced companies that put out job ads  even though hiring someone isn't a priority. I also have been in the midst of them halting the hiring process.  When they stop, it elongates my job journey. There was a time when I got an email sent to me twice from a company, as if I didn't get the message on the first send. The waiting game is annoying, and the lack of communication makes it worse.

I cannot be mad and employers need to stop being fake apologetic for making a necessary choice for the upkeep of their company.  Who's really sorry because those email rarely ever come from an actual person. To whom am I speaking? It's sort of like them sending an opposite message of what is sent. If that's the case (and if companies were really being honest) those emails would read: "We get a lot of applications and don't really go through them all, but it's gonna be a no from us, dawg." Say it like you mean it and keep it moving. Keep. It. Moving. Job seekers will do the same.

July 15, 2016

R&B Playback|PlayThat: The Writings On The Wall

In 1999, Destiny's Child released their second album. It was the guide to navigating young love and included a few "girl anthems" to get you through. This is one of my favorite albums. It's a solid bop from start to finish.

June 16, 2016

Storytime: She Forgot Her Own Answer

Eleven months after I graduted from college I entered into an eight day job readiness program that was geared towards 18-24 year olds. Along with giving advice, presentations, and feedback on how to tackle the job market, there was also a focus on money management. This was a program that insisted on knowing your parents financial information in order to be deemed eligible to participate - my father questioned that "need" with a letter basically saying "mind ya business".  All clients had a program email address set up  for communication between anybody who worked at the organization. I'm not quite sure how long that program had been up and running, but it did seem a little out of date because when "clients" retreated into the computer lab to work on resumes and cover letters, we had to save our work on a floppy disk (talk about Windows 95 compatibility).  The readiness and money management part of the program happened on the first six days. On the last two, there were mock interviews  and an ending ceremony  where participants received certificates and got matched up with one of two job coaches who were to find jobs that matched your surveyed interest.

After the initial first meeting with my job coach, there was an on going scheduled time where we would meet to go over job leads. At one point, I was invited for an information session for an evening call center position. When I found out that I wasn't gonna be hired for that job, I emailed my job coach to ask her if I should come in for our already scheduled day/time or call to make a new date. She told me to call.  Before I could make the call, the previous scheduled date came. I didn't show up to the place because of the email communications; I wish I still had access to those emails as PROOF but the organization doesn't even exist anymore. Anyway, within the hour of my scheduled meeting, my job coach calls me to ask where I was.  In trying to explain she tells me, "you didn't get that so today you were supposed to come in." I tried to bring up our email conversation and she pretty much didn't let me get a word in. So we were apparently back to the original scheduled date/time. And would you know when I arrived for my next appointment, the other job coach was confused by my presence because my job coach was out of the office on vacation. A no show. When she was the one who told me to come. My karma or her unprofessionalism (said forgetfulness), eh who knows.

Though I didn't get an employed job status going through that program, I did receive useful information. After parting ways, I did see my job coach once at a job fair. We had very little small talk, but she made sure to brag about having one of her clients working at NBC. [rolls eyes]

June 15, 2016

R&B Playback|Playthat: Don't Think I'm Not

The year was 2000 and I was an eight grader.  R&b music began to veer into a more upbeat/pop sound that was slightly different from the standard slow and sultry. This was the time that Napster was a heavy hitter on the internet and it was popular to download music and create mix cds. That was my thing! When that service faded out and Limewire came around, I recharged the activity and began to download some of my favorite music. I created a series of CDs titled for hits of the new millennium.  On my first disc, Hits from 2000, Kandi's solo debut song 'Don't Think I'm Not' is number 6. It's always nice to reminisce with good tunes from the past. This is definitely a fav!

May 21, 2016

Spotlight On: Shea Shea Bakery

Shea Makery container tops
In addition to regular doctor visits and calculating a reasonable amount of your water intake, skincare is an essential part of making sure your body stays healthy. One way to guarantee your body is at its highest optimal chance of quality is to keep your skin moisturized. People say you aren't fully dressed without a smile, but before you can even dress your body with clothes, you have to take a shower (or bath) then cover your body with your choice of smell good. Whether it be lotion or shea/body butter, you have to provide your skin the nutrients it needs to stay with a natural glow. There are a few brands that are known to provide top notch products for the skin such as Victoria's Secret, Bath & Bodyworks, and The Body Shop, but it's always nice to come across something fresh that can get the job done just as well.
Some time last year, I was browsing around  Instagram as normal and came across a page that looked as if it was desserts page. Through further review I saw that delectable  treats that I was looking at were in fact container tops for shea butter, body washes and other products the company sells. I was in awe at the real life look of these sweets that were not edible. I was intrigued so during the holiday season I ordered a Butter Pecan Body Butter for myself and sample set and body wash for my mom as a gift. When the order arrived, I really couldn't enjoy the essence of the product presentation because when I took the body butter out of the packaging and set it down, my dog smelled the aroma and chomped through the container top. That was a loss for me and a fake out for him because again, not edible.

Once I started using the body butter, I was surprised at the true to form "flavor". It smelled just like it could have been prepared in a kitchen, the trickery so unfair. The butter ran across my skin smoothly and handled any dryness. The texture was not sticky or greasy, and the scent made you smell good enough to eat up to the next day. Another thing is that the ingredients used are all natural, which is always a plus. I'm definitely ready to order again.   

Check out the skin deliciousness:
Shea Shea Bakery

May 19, 2016

Some of My FAVORITE Songs: Love, Peace, and SOOOOOUUULLLLLLLLL!

It's the hippest trip in America. A ride full of music, dance, and an absolute good time. Created by Don Cornelius in 1971, Soul Train showcased the music of r&b, soul, hip hop, disco, funk, and gospel acts. This is a compilation of artists who have appeared as guests throughout its 35 year run.

For your listening pleasure:

  1. Herb Alpert - Making Love In The Rain ( feat. Lisa Keith and Janet Jackson)
  2. Eddie Kendricks - I'm On My Way Home
  3. Betty Wright - No Pain, No Gain
  4. Barbara Mason - Yes, I'm Ready
  5. The Sugarhill Gang - Apache
  6. Natalie Cole -I Got Love On My Mind
  7. Teddy Pendergrass - When Somebody Loves You Back
  8. Blue Magic - Side Show
  9. Midnight Star - No Parking On The Dance Floor
  10. Freddie Jackson - Jam Tonight
  11. Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have To Take Out Clothes Off
  12. Luther Vandross - I Can Love You Better
  13. Tracie Spencer - All About You (Not About Me)
  14. Sheila E. - Glamorous Life
  15. Karyn White - Superwoman
  16. Tevin Campbell - Always In My Heart
  17. Cece Penniston - I'm Not Over You
  18. PM Dawn - Set Adrift on Memory Bliss
  19. Me'Shell NdegeOCello - Satisfy
  20. Jon B. - Someone To Love
  21. Donnell Jones - Where I Wanna Be
  22. Case - Missing You
  23. Gina Thompson - Can't Go Another Minute
  24. Before Dark - Monica
  25. 3LW - Is You Feelin' Me
  26. Pretty Willie - How You Like It
  27. Mario - Braid My Hair
  28. Baby Bash - Cyclone
  29. Fatty Koo - Chills
  30. Nivea - Complicated